Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stock Idea Updates

Emergent Group (LZR)

Emergent Group, one of my favorite stocks, was recently bought out for a decent, but not outstanding premium. When I wrote about it almost a year ago, it had a market cap of around $50 million. Since then, the stock fell significantly to around $35 million, at which point I bought a little more. They also paid their usual dividend of a little under $3 million, plus a special dividend of about $3.5 million. In the end, they sold out for about $58 million to Universal Hospital Services, which I personally believe was a bit on the low side.

Defense Industries International (DFNS)

This little net-net attempt hasn't done much. The only significant news to report was that the chairman, who owned (through inheritance) about 69% of the stock, sold her stake to a private investment group for about $0.11 per share, which is a few cents lower than when I mentioned it (read: bought it for myself). The good news is that they recently had a profitable quarter, and their net asset value is still intact.

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